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"Brain Music" to Help You Fall Asleep

There's a new way to help you get to sleep at night- music. But not just any music, it's the tune that plays in your head. It may sound a little wacky to some but it is the newest way to fight insomnia in California.

Doctors are placing sensors on the patient's head and recording that person's own brain waves during quiet time.  And, since everybody's pattern is different, the theory is that listening to what you produce in a relaxed state can give you the push you need to get to sleep.

Susan Klear, a licensed psychologist says that, "The waves are turned into a mathematical formula and changed to classical piano sounding music".  And Marlene Bjornsrud, a Brain Music Therapy patient, adds, "I never got to the end of the five or six minutes of music and I would be sound asleep."  

This music is not necessarily pretty music and it may be off key.  It's intended to be calming.  Dr. Klear says that so far, brain music therapy has been effective in four out of five patients.

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