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Deadly Missouri Shooting Prompts Concerns in Lubbock

The future new police chief is answering questions about security at Lubbock City Hall.

This comes in the wake of a deadly shooting in Kirkwood, Missouri. Thursday, a gunman opened fire inside the city hall there, killing five people before police shot and killed him.

Lubbock Assistant Police Chief Dale Holton tells us there are security measures in Lubbock's City Hall to keep people safe. Holton says officers train for situations like the one in Missouri but says city hall must also remain an open and free place for citizens to voice their concerns. 

Holton says, "It is a difficult balance, and I think we're seeing the county and the federal courthouses working through those particular issues, and that's not an unusual dilemma for law enforcement to need to balance those personal freedoms and security issues."

Holton says right now there are no plans for increasing city hall security. However, the county courthouse is looking to upgrade their security. When we spoke with the sheriff's department Friday afternoon, they told us they still have to meet with county commissioners, but upgrades are in the works.

Major Don Carter says Kirkwood is a tragic example for increased security, and he hopes Lubbock will never have to deal with anything like that.

Shooter Had Long History With City Hall
Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton always seemed to be fighting City Hall, even before he shot and killed five people at a City Council meeting.


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