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Hearts & Hooves Mini Horses Are Expected To Make Full Recovery

All four horses are doing well. Pepperjack is already home, Honor and Jolly will be staying in at the Lamb County Veterinary Hospital for a while longer because they have some pretty extensive wounds, but Sparkles got the ok to go home, Saturday.

"It makes us feel good! we're a little leery about putting her back in the stalls where she was. We haven't gotten the fencing put up to protect them from the animals," said Melanie Tatum.

Tatum works with The Hearts and Hooves Organization and she, along with other members of the group are making frequent trips to Littlefield to watch the progress of Sparkles, Honor and Jolly.

"Honor and Jolly are two that are going to be in pretty intensive therapy," said Dr. Mark Justice.

Justice is one of the veterinarians caring for the horses. The therapy Honor and Jolly are undergoing is called hydro therapy. Water is used to wash away the dead tissue so new tissue can grow from within. Little Honor got the brunt of the attack.

"The dogs bit his hind quarter where he doesn't even hardly have anything left on the back side of his legs anymore," Tatum said.

But despite that, Dr. Justice says each of the horses is healing remarkably well.

"They should be the same gentle loving horses for sure," he said.

And something everyone involved has been touched by is the outpouring of public support - in person and online.

"There has been a lot of visitors and a lot of calls... Even calls from the Dallas and Houston area, people wanting to donate," Dr. Justice said.

A special website has been set up for everyone to track the horses' progress and talk about it, too. "We do an update on there daily and there are pictures so people can go see how they're progressing," said Tatum. 

And if you would like to visit that website, click here.


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