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Food for Thought Report 5.16

Inspectors checked inside the kitchens of almost 40 local and county restaurants this time. Among those were several schools. Let's see how the report card reads in this edition of Food for Thought.

We begin with Westwind Elementary School in the Frenship School District, a Food for Thought Top Performer with zero critical violations. Also on top is Frenship Junior High with a perfect score, and Frenship High School with zero critical violations.

Inspectors found one critical violation at Frenship's Bennett Intermediate. The dish washing temperature gauge was not working. That violation was corrected on site. Frenship's Casey Elementary was also where one critical violation was found. The temperature of a walk in cooler was 50 degrees, the temperature should have been 45 degrees or colder.

Mooooving on down 50th St. and you'll catch this bull by it's top performing horns. Bryan's Steaks at 1212 50th Street is a Food for Thought Top Performer with zero critical violations. This makes their third top performance, and manager Berri Stratton says their success is due to a strong team that knows just what to do, and that's kept the reputation of this steakhouse strong for 33 years.

"Well when they hear the name I want them to know that we provide a really clean restaurant. We just really strive to train our employees in a set way where they know completely what's expected of them and we abide by all the health regulations," says Stratton.

Also on the Top Performing list, Fat Joe's Burritos at 5023 34th Street brings in a perfect score.

Strawberry's Donut Shop at 4529 34th Street rounds out our batch of Top Performers.

Our only Low Performer this week is Subway at 5015 University with four critical violations.

  • Inspectors found cold foods being held at potentially hazardous temperatures--cheese was found at 48 degrees and roast beef was found at 52 degrees. Cold foods should be held at between 41 and 45 degrees or colder.
  • Inspectors found improper hand washing procedures, employees must wash their hands before putting on gloves.
  • An improper date marking system was being used on tuna, sliced cheese, bar-b-q and grated cheese.
  • Towels were not available at a hand sink.

Other violations included unprotected lighting in a cooler, heavy ice buildup on the floor of a walk in freezer, the facility was found to be soiled throughout on counters, walls and a towel dispenser, and personal food products were stored with store food.

The manager at Subway told NewsChannel 11 that all violations were corrected on site, the inspection report states that as well.

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