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Too Much Fat Could Be a Link to Colon Cancer

Texas scientists say they've found some important clues in the link between fat in our diet and the risk of Colon Cancer. Actually this was a joint effort between the University of Texas and the University of Arizona.

Their findings state that hi-fat diets generate a toxic by-product in amounts that our bodies are not designed to handle. The chemical, called Linocholic acid lingers in the small intestine, then moves into the colon, or large intestine. The scientists say they haven't figured out yet how it causes cancer, but that it is known to cause cancer in mice, and people with Colon Cancer have high concentrations of Linocholic acid.

A second study suggests Vitamin D helps the body get rid of the extra acid. Researchers caution that the vitamin link is an early finding and warn that taking too much Vitamin D can lead to dangerous levels of calcium in the blood. They say the discoveries could help lead to better nutrition strategies to help prevent colon cancer.

Earlier studies have shown that Vitamin D may help prevent Colon Cancer but until now researchers haven't been able to figure out how.

The study is published in the journal Science. The discovery was made by a team of researchers that included Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and the Salk Institute and colleagues at the University of Arizona.

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