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Lubbock County Residents Pay To Pave Their Road

Some Lubbock County residents are taking road conditions into their own hands.

Monday morning, Lubbock County Commissioners accepted a check for more than $26,000 from some Shallowater residents. The money is to pave nearly a quarter mile of a road just south of Shallowater. This comes less than three months after county commissioners approved a road improvement donation policy.

Paving a road in Lubbock County typically comes after hours of efforts by county officials. However, on County Road 1570, efforts by residents are causing change.

"We actually started about a year and a half ago but then we had a hard time collecting money. Then about six months ago we started getting neighbors pitching in," Fund Organizer Sylvie Putman said.

Putman starting looking into how to get North County Road 1570 paved even before she lived on it.

"I approached Patti Jones before I even decided to move out there. And she said it is always a possibility, but there was other priorities," Putman explained.

 Putman met with the public works department to find out how much it would cost to pave the road.

Director of Public Works for Lubbock County, Nicholas Olenik said, "We prepared an estimate and in this case the improvements done by county forces and we're also considering the cost of materials."

Olenik says the county will pick up the tab for labor costs, which is also expected to be around $26,000. He says overall it is a win-win situation for all involved.

"It is a deal or otherwise I think you would be looking at otherwise I'm sure almost a doubling of cost," Olenik said.

As Putman moved forward with paving efforts, Lubbock County Commissioners saw a need to create a road improvement donation policy, which was approved back in  November.

"Once we got basically some guidelines in place they went to work and wrote a check and it's in the bank," Lubbock County Commissioner Patti Jones said.

Olenik says once paving begins, it should take about 60 days to finish. (Click here) to find out more about the Lubbock County Road Improvement Donation Policy.

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