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HealthWise at 5 From 5.17

  • Mammogram Positioning

Positioning women correctly before a Mammogram may help improve the accuracy of the test's results. Researchers in Seattle studied 152 women who were diagnosed with breast cancer within two years after receiving a Mammogram. They found that the missed cancers were more than twice as likely to be linked with poor positioning during the Mammogram. Experts say better positioning may be an even greater factor in getting accurate pictures of the breast. Compression, radiation exposure, and picture quality are all very important.

  • School Smokers

Smoking among high-school students has dropped to its lowest level in a decade. According to the latest survey by the centers for disease control, 28.5% of high-schoolers said they'd smoked a cigarette in the last month. That's down from 36.4% just five years ago. Breaking it down by grade, seniors still said they smoked the most often and freshmen the least, but all grades showed a sharp decline in smoking compared to the 1990's. The CDC says the decline may be due to stronger anti-smoking programs at school but that higher cigarette taxes have likely played a big role in discouraging young people from smoking.

  • Dental Pain Patch 

A painkilling patch is giving patients something new to smile about during dental visits. Dentipatch promises relief from dental pain up to 45 times longer than topical anesthetic gels. The key is the Lidocaine embedded in the patch, which is placed on the gums. The painkiller spreads through the gum tissue and numbs for up to 45 minutes. Researchers say the only drawback is that Dentipatch can take up to 15 minutes to reach its full numbing effect. The patch is newly available nationwide.

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