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More Information About the "Icy Hot" Recall

We reported Monday night that the makers of "Icy Hot" have issued a voluntary recall of two of their products that may lead to serious burns, with some reports of second and third degree burns. There's still no word on how many people might have been burned by these products but Tuesday, the FDA says that the biggest problem is people don't follow directions.

The two products under recall are "Icy Hot Heat Therapy Air Activated for the Back" and "Icy Hot Heat Therapy Air Activated for the Arm, Neck And Leg". Both patches work because of a chemical reaction when exposed to air. Warnings on the box clearly state "do not heat or microwave" and that people over age 55 and diabetics should not even use these products.

Registered Nurse, Leann Cortinmiglia says, "People who are diabetics, with delayed sensations, should never use these items, people who have neuropathy in their hands and feet should never use these things where they don't have normal sensations."

Chattem, the makers of "Icy- Hot", ask that you immediately stop using the products and discard or return them for a refund. But, if you do use it and get burned, the company says to put a cool wash cloth over the burn, keep the patient warm and dry, and get to a doctor. 

Leann Cortinmiglia, RN, says not to treat any burn with a home remedy, "no butter, no ice, no mayonnaise, no toothpaste, those are the things that we see. We just want cool and wet water."

All other "Icy Hot" products are still on the market and they are considered safe. To find out how to return the recalled products, (click here).

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