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Lubbock Dog Owner Indicted On Felony Charges

For the first time a Lubbock Grand Jury handed down a felony indictment for a dog attack.

Tuesday morning the grand jury was presented with an Attack by Dog case. Two Pit Bulls allegedly attacked 77-year old William Cox and killed his rat terrier in September. The owner of the pit bulls now faces jail time due to a new law that went into affect just weeks before the attack.

The grand jury indicted Javance Johnson, the owner of the pit bulls. Under the new law if you fail to secure your dog and it attacks someone else unprovoked off your property it is a third degree felony.  In addition, that is something William Cox claims happened to him.

Cox continues to recover from a pit bull attack that happened nearly four and half months ago.

"My wrist is fractured and I've got tendons pulled too," Cox said.

NewsChannel 11 caught up with Cox Tuesday afternoon, just hours after he spoke to the Lubbock Grand Jury.

"We met with the grand jury, the D.A.'s grand jury. It didn't take but a little while." Cox explained. 

Just a little while, to explain an attack that left a lasting scar. Cox says he was suddenly attacked by two pit bulls when he was taking out the trash in his alley near the 3700 block of Avenue R in September 2007.

"Here comes two dogs out, the woman and three kids. The dogs were turned loose on me," Cox explained.

Cox says the dogs bit his wrists then went after his blind dog Patches.

"They let go of me. Patches my little Rat Terrier, he was actually standing in my yard, standing in the gate waiting on me. They got him instead of me," Cox added.

NewsChannel 11 went to the house where Cox says the dogs came from but no one was around to comment. Meanwhile, Cox says he hopes the owner of the dogs is held to the law and faces the maximum penalty.

"They're liable for this, and for my stress and having to wear this. I'm going to have to wear this wrist brace for at least 8 more months," Cox said.

If Johnson is found guilty, he could face two to ten years in prison and or up to a $10,000 fine. 


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