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TTUHSC School of Nursing Welcomes "Harvey"

All eyes were on Harvey Wednesday at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center where the School of Nursing welcomed this new volunteer patient with a heart of, well, plastic and electronic programs.

Harvey is a life-sized patient simulator that will provide hands on instruction in the diagnosis of 30 cardiovascular conditions, the only simulator in this region dedicated to cardiovascular conditions.

"Because we were able to get it through grant funding from the CH Foundation, we are one of the very few, just 10 to 20 universities that have this capability for their students. That, to me, is the most exciting part," said Sharon Decker, RN/Ph.D., TTUHSC Regional Director of Simulation Center.

Sharon says there are certain rare conditions that doctors and nurses may see two or three times in a lifetime, but now thanks to Harvey, students at the Texas Tech Medical School can learn to identify even the rarest of heart conditions and work on it a hundred times before they have a real life emergency.

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