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Threatening Text Message Creates Scare at Monterey High

A frightening rumor got the attention of Monterey High School students and their parents Friday.

The rumor centered on a text message that was circulated warning of a shooting to happen sometime Friday at the school. However, the Lubbock Independent School District confirms that it was just a rumor with no true threat to back it up.

At one point that text message based rumor escalated to say a shooting had already occurred. Officials with LISD called a news conference to let parents know exactly what was going on.

"Rumor mill is kind of like swatting ants. Very difficult to deal with other than be out with a strong visual presence to assure people of what we're doing," said LISD Police Chief Tom Nichols.

Students at Monterey say as the rumor was spreading fear did build in the school.

"It made me a little nervous to know that that was going around. Everybody was freaking out, calling their parents during class," said one student.

"It was kind of scary at first but the school administration took care of it and did what they had to but it was real disruptive," said another

Once again, for all parents out there, this was just a rumor and there was no real threat at Monterey High School Friday. For Your Cell Phone
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