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Chippendales Return To Same Stage Where Once Arrested

In less than two hours, the Chippendales are expected to take the same Lubbock stage where they were arrested nearly a year ago. No charges were ever filed for that arrest.

The male revue is expected to perform two shows at Jake's Sports Café on 50th and Slide Friday night.

The first time the Chippendales came to Lubbock their show was sold out and an extra show was added. However, for the Chippendales third appearance in the Hub city tickets are still available possibly due to what happened one year ago. 

"They called me and asked when we could do this again and it worked out to be one year to the day as to when they were arrested," Scott Stephenson the Co-Owner of Jake's Sports Cafe said.

Lubbock police cut the show short last year after the dancers allegedly violated the city's right to regulate sexually oriented businesses. The dancers were released from jail without bond and no charges were filed.

"I just hope that everything should go as it should, and we're not embarrassed by the police," Stephenson added.

The arrests earned Lubbock national attention and even a 2008 Texas Monthly Bum Steer award.

"No one wants this to happen again. We don't want to make the Bum Steer award again," Stephenson said.

The Chippendales performed at the Lone Star Amphitheater last April, just two months after they were arrested. Police made an appearance but no one was hand cuffed.

For Friday night's show, Lubbock police tell us everything is being handled the same as last time. They are working with Jakes and the dancers to ensure everyone knows what is expected.

"We're not going to ever have anybody be nude here, so we should not have a problem," Stephenson added.

A Chippendales' spokesperson says the dancers who will be on stage are not the same guys arrested last year. Police tells us they will be at the show, which are already receiving national attention.

Stephenson says 20/20 asked for an interview if arrests are made, for a special about sex in America. NewsChannel 11 learned 20/20 also contacted Lubbock Police.


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