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Bill Clinton Stops In Lubbock

Saturday night Lubbock played host to a former president. President Bill Clinton spoke at Lubbock High School to a crowd of 1,750 people.  And the topic of his speech was why Lubbockite's should elect his wife Hillary to be president.

Clinton spoke for nearly an hour and compared to his remarks Friday in East Texas, Lubbock's speech was more than double in length.  He touched on topics ranging from Hillary's plan for healthcare to how she'll care for US Veterans.  Clinton also talked about Hillary's plans for how America will handle our position in the Middle East.  He covered several other topics but one he stayed on longer than others was the environment. And during that he referenced Lubbock and Texas Tech.

"If you want to do something in Lubbock the most important thing you can do to create jobs is to say we're going to make every school, every government building and every building on the campus of Texas Tech as energy efficient as possible.  We're going to train people to do that work," Clinton said.

Not long after making reference to Lubbock and Texas Tech, Clinton concluded to a standing ovation on the floor and bleachers.   

Among the crowd were some local elected officials who came out to hear what Clinton had to say.  Todd Klein, Linda Deleon, Floyd Price and Ysidro Gutierrez were among the more than 1,700 attendees.

Lubbock wasn't Clinton's last stop of the night.  He left Lubbock and went directly to Austin to make one more speech to try and sell the "Hillary Clinton for President" message.

Texas Voter Registration Application
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