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Another Miniature Horse Dead From Pit Bull Attack

"I just sat there and held his head in my lap and he went to sleep and you know, at this point we're just really mad... It was horrible losing Oreo but we just had such high hopes of saving Jolly,"said Kauli Sparks, Owner of The Hearts And Hooves Miniature Horses.

Kauli says losing Jolly hit the organization hard because Jolly and Honor were the two original horses.

"They live to be 35 years old and we feel that we've been cheated and that he's been cheated he was only five so he 25 to 30 more years of him doing this job that we think he loved, he was awesome," Kauli said.

Veterinarians nursing the horses back to good health say Jolly had been doing fine. At least until blood clots began to form and leg amputation became a possibility. But Kauli says nobody could have guessed Jolly would be dead today.

"The vet said it was overall toxemia which is an overall infection that spread throughout his body and he mentioned blood clots going to his lungs," Kauli said.

Because of Jolly passing away, The Hearts and Hooves Organization says they're angry. And that anger took them to a lawyer Sunday afternoon.

"We're weighing all of our options and we are going to... It's kind of like we've got the fire in us now to really make some things happen," Kauli added.

Kauli couldn't go into detail about what they'll be doing but it is her hope that the owners of the pit bulls that killed Oreo and now Jolly come to a peaceful conclusion with Hearts and Hooves.

"We certainly hope that they will... That we'll be able to negotiate something with them and that we can resolve this in a nice peaceful manner," Kauli said.

Kauli says Jolly's kidneys were shutting down along with other organs but Jolly's heart stayed strong until the very end. She also said Honor still has serious injuries so there is still a long road to recovery for the remaining hearts and hooves horses.

If you would like to help The Hearts and Hooves Organization, Kauli says they still need towels, blankets, and hay or monetary donation, can be made at security state bank. For Your Cell Phone
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