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Mayor Urges Residents To Call In Loose Dogs

The latest Pit Bull attack prompted Lubbock Mayor David Miller to ask residents to take action.

"This is serious, if that's your baby or your grandbaby that had this experience on Saturday, all of a sudden this becomes much more serious," Miller said.  

The mayor called a news conference Monday afternoon to address loose dogs in the city.

Miller says they will deliver information on Saturday's attack to the Lubbock County District Attorney in the next few days. Miller says they hope to see swift punishment against the dog's owner.

In the meantime he's asking neighbors to report loose dogs to the city. He's also warning owners to take responsibility for their pets.

"If you have a dog that you have been allowing to get outside of a fenced area or it's not on a leash, you need to start obeying state and local ordinance and laws in this regard, because it may be you that we take before the district attorney and ask to press charges," Miller said. 

If you have dogs loose in your neighborhood give the city a call at 775-2057. Mayor Miller says this line will be answered 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Mayor Miller's Statement Concerning Dangerous Dog Situation
In recent days there has been a noticeable increase in Pit Bull attacks in our community. As a result of these vicious attacks, many citizens have contacted the City requesting that Pit Bulls be banned within the City of Lubbock...

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