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The California Beef Recall

Federal officials say it's the biggest beef recall in history and it means that tons of beef used by many school cafeterias is headed to the trash.

Before you panic, here's what you need to know:

  • Most of the meat was used a long time ago.
  • What's left of it has been thrown out.
  • No injuries have been reported.

The video shot undercover by the Humane Society is disturbing.  After the Humane Society turned the video over to the government, revealing that employees at a California meat company kicked and dragged cattle that could no longer walk, 143-million pounds of beef were recalled.

Agriculture officials say that the biggest concern is that the cattle were slaughtered in violation of mad cow regulations.

Dr. Kenneth Peterson of the Food Safety & Inspection Service for the USDA said, "We have no reason to believe it happened on any kind of frequent basis, but we do know it happened on occasion, and that's not acceptable."

Federal inspectors say they'll never know what injured the cattle, but the beef is gone just to be safe.

And again, during the violations that spanned about 2 years at the Westland Hallmark Meat Company, no one has become ill because of it.  Even so, critics say this is a red flag for the nation's food inspection system and proof that congress needs to toughen the laws.

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