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Consider This... Pit Bulls, Chippendales and Red Light Cameras

Well election time is here, and if you're not already tired of political ads dominating the airwaves, just wait.

But election season is more than candidates pushing their message.  This time of year can have extra benefits to citizens. How? Because politicians know that voters will soon vote and, consequently, good decisions are made. Three examples are pit bulls, Chippendales, and red light cameras.

Our mayor and city staff have been proactive in the recent dog attack issue.  When it looked like we might have a problem, they jumped out in front of it and put dog owners on notice

Then there was the Chippendales return. I'm not sure what the difference was this year but it sure seemed like less over-the-top enforcement than last year.

Finally, red light cameras. In a surprise split vote last week, Mayor Miller changed his mind, did the right thing, and voted to take the cameras down.

So consider this, I realize a city-wide election is less than three months away, and that may have a lot to do with it, but regardless, you and I are benefiting.

City officials seem more responsive, more pro-active and more in tune than they've been in two years. That's refreshing. However I believe the true definition of public service is serving the will of the people all the time.

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