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Lubbock Voters Turn Out In Record Numbers For Early Voting

This year's high-profile Presidential election draws in high numbers on the first day of early voting in Lubbock County. After the first day wrapped up, more than double the number of Lubbock County residents cast their vote compared to the Gubernatorial Race in 2006.

It has been four years since you were asked to vote in a Presidential Primary Election and many tell NewsChannel 11 they couldn't wait to vote.

Just more than an hour into the first day of early voting, and Tommy Mathews is not wasting any time.

"I wanted to get it done and get it done right away," Matthews said.

However, Matthews is not alone. Geneva Botkin is the Lead Clerk for the polls at United Supermarket on 50th and Avenue Q. She says voters were lined up before the polls even opened Tuesday morning.

"First thing this morning we had several waiting to vote and it's been going really good through," Botkin explained.

To cast your vote, Lubbock County Elections Administrator, Dorothy Kennedy says you must bring identification and know which party's ballot you want check.

"The Republicans are holding their primary elections and the Democrats are holding theirs, they're just held at the same time. So folks actually have to tell us which election they will be participating in and when they come in to vote for early voting or when they come in to vote on election day," Kennedy said.

However, Kennedy says, the ballot you chose now does not lock you to a party in November's election.

"You only stay with that party through the run off if there is a need for a run off in April. But after April then you're free in any other election that's held in November to vote however you want," Kennedy added.

Kennedy also says if you leave blanks on this ballot, your vote still counts.

"All you have to do is vote on the races you're interested in and the rest of it you can leave blank," Kennedy said.

 A vote that Matthews says was both quick and convenient to cast.

"It's so convenient. I was doing some shopping too, so that worked out well," Matthews said.

 Kennedy tells us you can get a sample ballot look it over before you head to the polls.



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