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Animal Services Seeing Huge Increase In Calls

A 200% increase in calls, that's the estimate from Lubbock Animal Services Tuesday night, following Monday's request by Mayor David Miller.

"So I would ask you, if you have a neighbor and see their dogs running loose, especially on any type of routine basis, and you believe they are a danger to your neighbors and your children, please dial that number," Miller said. 

NewsChannel 11 took a closer look at the effects this message is having.

One effect would be more dogs at the shelter.  Director Kevin Overstreet says they were not dealing with overcrowding Tuesday night.  We did find several service workers out answering calls and picking up strays Tuesday afternoon.  With tougher ordinances in the works, staff members could stay busy.

"We're busy all the time anyway, but with our message yesterday our call volume has just gone through the roof," Overstreet said. 

Reports all over the city kept Animal Services on their toes Tuesday. Crews rounded up two pups near 19th and Gary, making a small dent in a massive amount of calls.

"We're seeing, probably, a 200% increase in our call volume," Overstreet said. 

Overstreet says the increase shouldn't overcrowd the shelter, though.

"As long as we're staying up on the three day holds and the 10 day holds, then we're going to be fine," Overstreet said. 

Right now, animals that have a tag are held for 10 days in the shelter. Those without tags are only kept for three days.

"We need to do something different," Mayor Miller said. He says it's time to strengthen local animal ordinances.

"Citizens must realize this is a citizen issue much more than it is a dog issue, that this is a pet ownership issue," Miller said. 

Miller discussed different options Monday including registration, micro-chips, even liability insurance requirements, but the city wants to hear from you first.

"We want to hear from the public," Overstreet said. 

Lubbock's Animal Services Advisory Board will take your suggestions next week. In the meantime, Overstreet asks folks to be patient as they answer a swarm of calls.

"They're certainly overwhelmed out there," Overstreet said.  

You can let the city know your thoughts on tougher animal ordinances February 26th at Lubbock Memorial Civic Center's theatre.  That meeting starts at 6 p.m.

To report a loose dog in your neighborhood, just call Animal Services at (806) 775-2057.

Mayor Miller's Statement Concerning Dangerous Dog Situation
In recent days there has been a noticeable increase in Pit Bull attacks in our community. As a result of these vicious attacks, many citizens have contacted the City requesting that Pit Bulls be banned within the City of Lubbock...

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