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Wine for Your Lungs

You have probably heard that red wine helps the heart, well, new research suggests that white wine helps the lungs. Wine, in general, contains nutrients called Antioxidants which have been linked to lung health and function.

After studying more than 1,500 people, researchers at the University of Buffalo say they believe white wine has a stronger effect on lung health than red and that the white wine drinkers performed better on lung function tests. Earlier studies have found alcohol triggers cell damage that hurts the lungs. But researchers say they believe the Antioxidants in wine may help prevent some of those negative effects.

The study which recorded drinking habits and the lung function also uncovered some interesting facts about drinkers. Researchers say beer drinkers were more likely to be young men, they were also more likely to drink more and to smoke. Liquor drinkers tended to be heavier and those who drank wine only or various alcoholic beverages had the highest education level.

The research is being presented here today (Monday) at a meeting of the American Thoracic Society and was conducted at the University of Buffalo. The research was supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Ralph Hochstetter Medical Research Fund (Buswell Fellowship) at UB, and Research for Health in Erie county.

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