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Lubbock Voters the Focus Of Democratic Presidential Candidates

The Hillary Clinton campaign says the key to a Texas victory is to get Lubbock voters out early and that is what Hub City voters appear to be doing.

On the first day of early voting more than double the number of voters showed up than on the first day of voting for the 2006 Gubernatorial primary race. Voters also appear to be doing the same on Wednesday, the second day of early voting.

But, what about the college voters? Many Texas Tech students live in the Lubbock area but may not be registered voters in Lubbock County. The Office of Elections says they can still vote here in Lubbock but for their vote to count a trip downtown is need.

This year's presidential election is the first time Texas Tech sophomore Hannah Lanier has been allowed to vote. However, she calls Fort Worth Texas home.

"I'm registered in Forth Worth," Lanier said. 

Since Lanier is a registered voter in the Texas, she can vote in Lubbock on what is called a limited ballot.

"If they are currently registered in another county and if they will get to vote on the ballot that is just like everybody else, but they only get to vote in the races that are similar between the two counties," Lubbock County Elections Administrator Dorothy Kennedy said.

The similar races include the presidential primary and referendums on the Republican Party ballot. Kennedy says a limited ballot also applies to those who just moved to the Hub City and have not registered yet.

It is a vote that Democratic Presidential candidates Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton both want.

"Texas is a critical state for us and we're opening offices all across the state and this was a top priority for her and so that's why we're here," Jamie Radice the Texas Press Secretary for the Clinton Campaign.

Texas Tech Political Science Professor Nelson Dometrius said, "The more conservative members of the Democratic party are a little bit more favorable towards Hillary so she's trying to pick those up. Obama is going where? He is going to the Texas Tech campus, trying to get the youth votes to compensate.

To cast a limited ballot you must go to the main polling location at the Lubbock County Office of Elections on 1308 Crickets Ave. However, you can only vote on a limited ballot until February 29, the last day of early voting.

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