"The Sangha of the Blessed One's disciples who have practiced well... who have practiced straight-forwardly... who have practiced methodically... who have practiced masterfully; in other words, the four types [of noble disciples] when taken as pairs; they are the Sangha of the Blessed One's disciples: worthy of gifts, worthy of hospitality, worthy of offerings, worthy of respect, the incomparable field of merit for the world."

-Mahanama Sutta

Sangha means community. A yoga practice is extremely personal to each individual practioner, but a healthy practice also openly invites the energy of others to join you on your mat.

Here, you will find events happening around town. Some of them are yoga, some of them are not. Check back frequently, as updates will be made often.

If you know of an event you would like to share with your sangha (community), please email us with the details.