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Flu Vaccine Update

At least 44 states across the country are now reporting widespread flu activity, including Texas. 

You probably know by now that the vaccine this year missed the boat, protecting us against some flu strains, but not the ones that showed up.

So, researchers are going back to the drawing board.  And for the first time in decades, government researchers have unanimously decided on a complete overhaul of the flu vaccine next year, adding protection from several new strains that are now circling the globe.

Doctors say that it is not a perfect system- but it's the only one we have.

Dr. William Schnaffer of Vanderbilt University Medical Center says, "Don't expect perfection, but go out and get vaccinated so you have the maximum protection."

Dr. Schaffner says to remember that, overall, the nation does have a pretty good track record with vaccines. In 16 of the last 19 flu seasons, the flu bug and the vaccine have been well matched.

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