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Nutritionally Good Fast Food

This title sounds contradictory; it sounds like an oxymoron, but fast food is a reality in our lives and we have to learn to make prudent choices.

If you keep a few rules in mind when you drive through, it can help keep the choices healthy. Simplify the nutritional needs of a healthy adult and just say I want to keep my calorie intake below 2000, my fat below 60 grams, my cholesterol under 300 milligrams and sodium under 2400.

What choices from fast food will provide this? Salads, of course, can be the healthiest choice. Wendy’s is promoting some tasty-sounding salads now. Ask for a reduced calorie dressing or bring your own.

McDonald’s has a delicious yogurt and fruit parfait that is only 280 calories if you don’t eat the granola topping. The granola will add another 110 calories for a respectable 390 calories and a luscious light lunch.

Avoid anything that is advertised as ‘big’ or ‘whopper-sized’. Translate it to mean high in calories and fat. For example, when you order super sized fries, the calories rise from 210 to 610.

Don’t bother ordering fish. It is usually fried and very high in fat. No healthy eating there. While we all need calcium, don’t try to get it from a ‘blizzard’ or a ‘flurry’. They run 600 to 900 calories. A much better choice would be an old-fashioned milk shake or the McDonald’s sundae, which is made with, low fat ice cream.

Taco Bell gave up on ‘healthy’ eating several years ago but a pizza might be a good choice. The best way is to keep it simple. Choose veggies and even pepperoni. Forget the multi cheese and stuffed crust varieties. Two slices will cost you a full day’s supply of fat and sodium. Sausage is another ingredient that will pile on the fat while pepperoni has little effect on the fat content yet adds piles of flavor. Order your pizza hand tossed or with thin crust. Ask for half the cheese and add veggies and pepperoni. 

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the cheese in one of America’s favorite foods is not only stuffing the crust but our arteries. The Center has a new book out, “Restaurant Confidential,” required reading for those who frequent fast food restaurants. It will give you the low down on where and what to eat when trying to combine fast food and a healthy lifestyle.

For complete information on fat, calories, chloesterol , etc., go to the FSA by (clicking here).

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