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Peggy Sue's Book Not Popular With Maria Elena Holly

The widow of Buddy Holly says a recent book written by Peggy Sue Gerron can't be true because she says she was with Buddy every moment while they were married.

Peggy Sue Gerron is, of course, the Peggy Sue from Buddy Holly's hit song. Gerron says her book is factual and it's the only book written about Buddy Holly by someone who actually knew him.

This dispute coincides with the release of Peggy Sue Gerron's new book, "Whatever Happened to Peggy Sue?" In the book, Peggy Sue give's, what she says, is a voice to Buddy Holly 50 years after he died.

"It's an inside look at really what is Rock'n'Roll royalty. Buddy Holly and the Crickets, especially Buddy Holly, changed the whole face of music," Peggy Sue said.

The book was written to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the song and the death of Buddy Holly.

"It's the first book that's ever been written about Buddy Holly by someone that actually knew Buddy Holly and everybody in the book" Peggy Sue said.

But the book is seeing its share of controversy. Maria Elena Holly, Buddy's widow says information about Buddy's life and marriage is false.

"I was going with him day and night anywhere we had to go. We even went on some tours and I was there. The only time that I was not with him was the day that he left for the last tour," said Maria Elena.

Maria Elena says because she and Buddy were together every moment, there is no way Peggy Sue's account of Holly's life could be true. One example is the Holly's wedding. In Peggy Sue's book, she and Cricketts drummer, Jerry Allison not only were present at the wedding but also went on the honeymoon with Buddy and Maria Elena. Maria Elena says after the wedding the two couples simply went their own ways.

"Peggy Sue and Jerry were in our wedding when we got married at Buddy's house, that's the first time I met her and they were like, you know, our witnesses, I would say. And after that, they went their own way and we went our way," Maria Elena said.

That's just one discrepancy building the controversy around this book. But Peggy Sue contends her stories are truthful and were written from 150 diary entries she made while she knew Buddy Holly.

"Well I don't think anything in the book is controversial. It's a great book. It's an up close look at the people themselves, it's not a made up story, it's not fictional as I think that a lot of the things have been in the past 50 years," Peggy Sue said.

Maria Elena Holly couldn't speak directly about the book or any legal action she may be taking but she did confirm that she has not read the book.

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