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Maria Elena Holly Speaks About Relationship With Lubbock

Buddy Holly's widow, Maria Elena Holly, is speaking about the negative image she has here in Lubbock.

"For Lubbock all I have done is bend forward and backwards for 40 odd years since buddy died," Maria Elena said.

Maria Elena spoke to NewsChannel 11 during a rare interview Friday. She says the distaste some people in Lubbock have for her isn't felt both ways.

"I still, even though, I'm crucified by a lot of people in Lubbock I still go over seas, everywhere I go I say please go to Lubbock and see the beautiful museum that's there and you are able to see what's in Lubbock," Maria Elena said.

Maria Elena says she's not the only celebrity wife making money from the name of their late husband.

"Like I always say, Priscilla Presley, they charge for everything and it's only, not a weekend, it's every single day people go there and they charge what ever they want and people are willing and they don't criticize her," said Maria Elena.

And Maria Elena says whether people like it or not, she was Buddy's wife.

"They don't recognize that Buddy worked for a living, and the heir happened to be me... No matter I was married to him one hour before he died, I was the person to be in charge," Maria Elena said.

And she says she would like to fix the negative relationship she has with her husband's hometown but Lubbock needs to make the first move.

"If Lubbock comes back and says, "Hey, lets mend all of this." You know what? I'll be the first out there... You know, I don't hold grudges. That shortens your life and life's too short," Maria Elena added.

Much of the tension existing between Maria Elena and Lubbock stems from Maria's desire to make money off anything baring Buddy Holly's name or image. Well come February 3rd, 2009, less than a year from now, Buddy Holly will have been dead for 50 years. And the Texas Property Code states, after that 50 year mark, a name is public domain and can be used by anybody for any purpose at no charge.


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