Yoga and Infertility

Yoga and Infertility

The despair of infertility and impotence is a direct result of the heavy demands of and changes in our American lifestyle today. One of the most dramatic changes in the past 20 years has been the increasing numbers of women in the workforce. This has resulted in many positive changes in the business world and in women's lives, but the "double role" now required of so many women is causing a great deal of stress that affects their biological systems. Men also are under tremendous pressure to produce.

It is our belief that the problems of infertility and impotence are seldom due entirely to organic causes, but are clearly related to stress. You can only produce so much, and the production of beautiful children requires a tremendous amount of effort in the emotional nature. It is unseen but very powerful. When men and women are both under so much pressure to produce at work, their energy is diverted; there is no energy left to produce a child. It is necessary for you to put energy back into the emotional and physical systems to take care of this extra demand on your body and emotions.

This can be seen so clearly in the phenomenon, so common, of a couple giving up on having a child and adopting one - and then almost immediately getting pregnant! It's very possible that the energy of the parents, instead of being totally directed toward work, was redirected toward the adopted child, and that extra attention and energy allowed the birth of another child.

Americans are brought up to give and give and give. When you sacrifice yourself to your job, you get a large measure of approval. Yoga says that you have to "put some water back into the well" in order to have something to give. You must learn how to replace the vital attention and needs of the body and mind. This can be done easily with a simple 30minute routine of exercise, breathing, and meditation. Among other benefits, Yoga exercises bring the glandular system of your body into perfect balance. The Cobra Pose and other compression poses are especially beneficial. Yoga exercises every day replenish and rebalance the physical and emotional systems that are depleted by the everyday stresses that lie so heavy on our lives.

In most cases, beneficial effects will appear as quickly as a week's time. There is no need to use drugs or alcohol to reduce stress when you have the daily support of Yoga as a constant source of energy and health. Yoga makes it possible to rest on a strong base of confidence and strength within yourself.

When pregnancy does occur, Yoga exercises should be discontinued for the first three months. After that time, with your doctor's permission, you can do a few Yoga exercises. You can always do breathing and meditation techniques to continue the stress-relieving effects; this will have a wonderful calming effect on both you and your unborn child.

Courtesy of the American Yoga Association