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Lubbock's Centennial Celebration Preparations Underway

Crews are gearing up for Lubbock's Centennial Celebration kick-off.

The big event is this Sunday starting at 5 p.m. and it's being billed as the largest event to ever be held in the City Bank Coliseum in its 50 year history.

A crew of 20 men and countless other volunteers are working 12 hour days at the Coliseum to set up the massive stage. When it's all done and you pull into the parking lot of the Coliseum on Sunday evening, event organizers say it'll be an experience you won't forget.

"We've got the exhibitors open at 5 p.m. and the show itself starts at 7 p.m.," said Mark Flenniken, a Centennial Celebration board member.

"There are going to be everything from horse drawn buggy rides to a lot of memorabilia that starts to be staged outside the Coliseum and moved inside to the concourse. We've got six museums that are exhibiting some really cool stuff around the concourse with about 7 or 8 other exhibitors," Flenniken said.

Headlining the celebration is Lubbock's own Mac Davis. He, along with Joe Ely, Barry Corbin, David Gaschen and others whom event organizers won't leak to the media, will take you through Lubbock's unique history.

But preparation for this West Texas sized event is as grand as the event itself.

"Right now we're erecting the stage and the stage is roughly 8 feet tall, so it is a massive stage," said Matt Arnold.

Arnold is in charge of the Coliseum set-up.

"There's a lot of cabling involved in something like this," Arnold said.

So much in fact, Matt says if you took the cabling and stretched it out; it would wrap around the Lubbock city limits more than once. But that's not the only big number going into this set up.

"For this event we're using close to a thousand feet of trussing," Arnold said.

The trussing is used to hold the hundreds of lights, monitors and speakers that will project the performance to the crowd. To put that 1,000 feet of trussing into perspective, NewsChannel 11's transmitter tower stands 800 feet, making this event's trussing, end to end, 200 feet taller than the tower.

"It's going to be an entire evening of entertainment from history and music and theatre and a whole multimedia presentation, if you will," said Flenniken.

Ticketing for this event is reserved seating only. There have been some reports saying it's general admission, but it isn't. You need to contact Select-A-Seat at (806) 770-2000 to reserve your seats for $5 each.

The best seats will go to those who call first and this event is expected to sell out.

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