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Lubbockites Turn Out For Dangerous Dog Meeting

Citizens had their chance to speak up about Lubbock's dog problems Tuesday night. The Lubbock City Council hosted a dangerous dog public meeting at The Civic Center and the general feeling was - it's not a dog problem, it's a people problem.

By no means were all seats filled but meeting organizers say turnout was better than expected. They believe meetings like this will help calm the nerves of citizens when it comes to dangerous dogs.

"This is a large dog issue, it's a dangerous dog issue," one citizen said.

"The neglect of animal control across the city is a ticking time bomb that has already exploded," said another concerned citizen.

The hour and a half long public meeting gave people the chance to let their opinions, concerns and solutions to the problem be heard by the Lubbock animal services board and the Lubbock board of health.

"You need to report. It helps animal control and it also will help down the line when home owners insurance gets sued," one citizen said.

"Terrible dog attacks of recent weeks are a law enforcement and people problem, not a pit bull problem," said someone else.

Animal Services Board chair, Larry Phillippe and members of the audience say education is the solution to this problem.

"There is a way to fix it and we realize there is a way to fix it and I think that's it education as much as anything else, education and awareness," said Phillippe.

"There has to be education especially in low income areas," said another citizen.

While others focused on the need for more animal services officers.

"We can't afford to not hire new help, Kevin. We have to have emergency staff at Lubbock animal services," said a citizen.

After the meeting people were pleased with the discussion and the direction they feel meetings like this will take Lubbock.

"A lot of people came and spoke of what they thought about the dog situation in the community, and I really feel like we got out point across," said Ronda Clark.

"I think that its in every ones minds and I do believe that the community will come together and stand up and make some changes," said Kauli Sparks.

If you were unable to attend Tuesday, another meeting will be held soon, but it hasn't yet been scheduled. The Lubbock Animal Services Advisory Committee will hold its meeting next Tuesday at 12:30p.m. at the Lubbock Health department. That meeting is also open to the public and will focus on controlling Lubbock's dog problems. For Your Cell Phone
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