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Emotional Testimony in Day Two of Callie Long's Trial

Thursday, a Lubbock jury heard witness 911 calls the night a Lubbock Realtor hit bicyclist Brett Walrath as the second day of testimony in the Callie Long retrial has ended.

Long is on trial for failure to stop and render aid.

Chilling is the best way to describe the 911 phone calls heard in the court room Thursday. Perhaps the most emotional call was made from Antwon Alexander who was riding his bike along side Brett Walrath.

Alexander made the call moments after Walrath was hit by Long's vehicle on August 27, 2003.

On the tape you could hear Alexander say, "Oh my God someone just ran over him..they kept going."

Seconds later you could hear brakes screeching. Alexander then said, "He just got hit again twice. I gotta call his wife."

Another 911 call heard Thursday was the one made by Long. On the tape you hear Long say "I just hit something on the South Loop. I can't get back there to find out what it is...my window is smashed. I'm trying to figure out what happened."

While the 911 tapes played, Long had her eyes closed and seemed to be bothered. It's still uncertain whether she'll testify in her retrial.

Chris Winn, the driver of the second vehicle that hit Walrath took the stand Thursday. Winn ate at Outback Steakhouse with Long the night of the accident.

A witness testified that after Winn hit Walrath's body, he put eye drops in his eyes and some type of gum or candy in his mouth. Thursday, Winn said he did that but didn't know at what time during the night.

Winn also drank that night but wasn't given a field sobriety test or a blood alcohol test. Winn is currently running for Lubbock County Republican Party Chair, testimony will resume at 9 a.m.

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