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Owners Speak Out After Deadly Animal Attack

Three pigs were found dead in their pens Wednesday afternoon near 118th Street and Avenue P. Authorities say they were killed by an animal, but no one witnessed the attack. The Sheriff's office is still investigating.

The owners say they're disappointed because they put a lot of work into their prize-winning pigs.

"You have to walk them, weight them; you have to befriend them so that they like you. You have to shave them right before they show and then show them the best you can," said Kaitlan Farmer.

Kaitlan and Cooper High School schoolmate Sierra Ballard lost their show pigs Wednesday.

"I walked in and I saw Kaitlan's pig and it had blood everywhere and I poked on it. And mine just looked like it was taking a nap so I just worried about hers," Sierra said.

The girls tracked their pig's progress every day, and everyday reporting back to their teacher.

"It was just one of those fluke things that everyone always knows happens, but never to you," Sierra said.

Ronnie Quest owns the stable where the pigs were penned.

"Now the city's problems have turned into the county's problems," Ronnie said.

Ronnie believes he knows exactly why so many farm animals are killed in the county.

"People that have the vicious dogs or the Pit Bulls, they're afraid they're going to get in a lawsuit. They're afraid they're going to get in jail, so instead of paying the $40 at the vets they just take them out to the county and let them loose," he said.

But no matter what the problem is Kaitlan and Sierra say they have no option but to be done showing this year.

"We just have to wait until next year. There's really nothing we can do about it now. I mean next year we'll get new hogs and be able to try again," Sierra said.

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