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Crews Battle Fires North and South of Lubbock

The flames are out in south Lubbock County. Now, investigators are looking into what caused the Classic Cars & Parts salvage yard to catch fire Friday afternoon.

Flames broke out inside the yard on 114th street, around 2 p.m.  The yard covers around 20 to 30 acres.  The owner collects cars, motor homes, and camper trailers.

At one point the flames got so out of control they put neighboring homes in danger.

"You couldn't see because of the smoke, there was a pretty good fire going," neighbor Randy Airhart said. 

"I saw the smoke and figured there was a fire because there were flames shooting up at least ten feet," witness Juan R. Martinez said. 

"There's a lot of wind and everything is really dry, so it doesn't take much and once it gets started you can hardly stop it," Airhart said. 

Crews say the fire is contained and everything has been soaked to prevent flare-ups.  The flames destroyed several cars and some mobile homes.

Just minutes after this fire, a second wildfire was reported north of Lubbock.  Firefighters responded to F.M. 2641, just east of the airport. The fire was contained within about an hour.

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