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Huckabee Stumps In The Hub City

Lubbock has another presidential campaign visit under its belt. Friday morning, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee made a stop in the Hub City urging Texans to vote Huckabee in Tuesday's primary.

But Huckabee wasn't the only famous face in attendance. Traveling with Huckabee on the campaign trail is none other than actor and martial arts expert Chuck Norris. And aside from all the political talk, Huckabee threw in a few Chuck Norris jokes as well.

"In Texas, we don't really need to have political speeches, we just let Chuck tell us how it's going to be," joked Huckabee.

"It's occurred to me that there's a guy who could be both Secretary of Defense and Secretary of Homeland Security. I want to bring him out here, my friend, a great Texan and a great American, Chuck Norris!" Huckabee announced.

Huckabee introduced Norris who, in turn, introduced Huckabee to the crowd of 300.

"I want to introduce the man who's going to win the state of Texas so Gina and I can go on vacation smiling - and that's the next president, Mike Huckabee," said Norris.

In addition to the stump speech, Huckabee performed with Lubbock's own Josh Abbot Band. But of course the reason a candidate travels so much is to spread their message and Huckabee took 37 minutes to do that.

"Taxes ought to be lower, not higher. People here believe that you ought to have less government, not more government, and the best government is the most local government. And if you're going to have government, let it be elected locally, let the decisions be made as close to you as possible, not decision made in Washington telling you what you're going to do in Lubbock, Texas," the governor said.

Even if he won over Lubbockites, Huckabee has no real way of winning the White House. He's down in the polls and even if he were to win the rest of the delegates in the country, he would still be nearly 200 delegates short of winning the nomination. Never-the-less, Huckabee still asked for the Texas vote.

"Ladies and gentlemen, with your help, and Chuck's, Tuesday we're going to win Texas and be on our way to becoming the 44th president of the United States of America. Thank you for coming, God bless you Lubbock! Thank you very much," Huckabee said.

Those in attendance were pleased with Huckabee. Some Lubbockites said:

"I thought that was really wonderful. I really appreciate Governor Mike."

"It was a very nice speech, very thematic and idealistic."

"I think he's our man. I believe in what he stands for."

"I love everything he said. I love his policies, his platform and I'm voting for him."  

If you were unable to watch Huckabee's speech live in person or on KCBD, you could have watched it live at

For the first time ever, NewsChannel 11 used the internet as another way for our viewers to see news as it happens. In fact, Monday we'll be webcasting Senator John McCain's visit to Lubbock as well.

Senator John McCain to Visit Lubbock
Presidential Candidate Senator John McCain will be in Lubbock on Monday afternoon.

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