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Autopsy Photos Shown Third Day of Callie Long Retrial

A Lubbock Jury saw Brett Walrath for the first time Friday in the form of autopsy photos. This was part of testimony on the third day of Lubbock Realtor Callie Long's retrial.

Long is being tried on the charge of failure to stop and render aid.

Friday, was the first time the jury got to put a name with the face. Brett Walrath's widow actually got up and left the courtroom before the autopsy pictures were shown.

The autopsy photos showed the extent of injuries Walrath sustained after being hit by Callie Long's Lexus back in August 2003. He was also hit by a second vehicle that night.

A forensic pathologist testified Friday that Walrath died from complications of blunt force injuries.

Jurors also got to see video of the field sobriety test given by Lubbock Police that night. In the video you hear Long ask if whoever she hit is ok.

As she is riding in the back of the police car Long says, "I never saw reflectors or anything."

She then tells police, "You know I don't even look good in orange."

It was later found, Long had a blood alcohol level concentration of .13 which is one and a half times the legal limit.

Friday, Long sat quietly throughout the trial. When the autopsy photos of Walrath were displayed, she looked straight ahead and seemed to avoid looking at them. Testimony will resume Monday at 9:00 a.m.


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