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State of The Country Sends Lubbock Voters To Polls

Election officials tell NewsChannel 11 a record number of voters have turned out for early voting. In the 2004, Presidential Primary more than 6,500 voted early. Compare that to more than 24,000 votes cast up until just before 6 p.m. on Friday.

Friday, NewsChannel 11 spoke with voters about why they are headed to the polls.

"I voted because I want change," Lubbock Voter Gay Grimes said.

"This is make or break for America," Kay McEndarfer added.  

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, the state of our country appears to be driving South Plains voters to the polls. 

Voter Adair Murillo said, "We have a lot at stake right now with the war and everything, not just economics, the whole thing in general."

The close contest between Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Presidential Nomination is also reason for Lubbock voters to cast a ballot early.

"It's between two good people," Deacon Joe Morin said.  "I say Clinton and Obama," Morin added.

For others, this election is causing them to look at, and in some cases vote here at the polls for candidates not in their party.

Voter Neal Stone says, he voted on a party's ballot he never expected too. "It just depends really on the individual," Stone added.

Murillo says she thought of not voting party lines. "I did. But that's just one of those personal things we don't talk about too much," Murillo said.

Again early voting ends at 8 p.m.  on Friday. Your next chance to vote will be Tuesday, in the Primary Election.

Experts say Texas is a necessary win for Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, since Barack Obama has won the last ten contests in a row.

Meanwhile, Republican candidate John McCain looks like he will win his party's nomination as he has already won 1019 delegates. That is compared to Mike Huckabee's 254 delegates. Candidates must have 1191 delegates to win the Republican Nomination.


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