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Police Investigate East Lubbock Homicide

Police are still trying to figure out what lead to a deadly shooting in east Lubbock Saturday morning.

Here's what we know: 37-year-old John Lockard is in police custody, charged with capital murder. Authorities say he shot and killed his grandfather, 95-year-old R.K. Flippin, just after 9 a.m. Saturday inside the home at 407 Vanda Avenue.

Police say Lockard barricaded himself inside the home after allegedly shooting his grandfather. Hours later he surrendered, and SWAT officers found Flippin dead.

"I just saw cop cars from there all the way over there in like three lanes," neighbor Vera Moreno said. 

A quiet Saturday morning, cut short by gun fire.

"Dispatch received a 911 call that a 37-year-old man had shot what we think is his grandfather," Lubbock Police Lieutenant Greg Stevens said. 

Neighbor Perlean McDaniel tells us the victim's daughter came to her house for help.

"Her and her grand kids came here, and she told me that her son shot her daddy; she said she didn't see it, but she heard the shot," McDaniel said. 

When police arrived on scene, they say Lockard was inside the home. Police couldn't make contact, and according to the 911 call, Flippin was seriously injured and needed help.

"We treat that as a barricaded gunman," Lt. Stevens said. 

That's when SWAT arrived with negotiators.

"It was pretty crazy," Moreno said. 

"They didn't take any chance, they just told us to say inside," McDaniel said. 

About an hour later, Lockard surrendered to authorities.

"When officers of the SWAT team did make entry to the house, they did find the victim deceased with a gunshot wound to the neck. We believe the weapon is a shotgun," Lt. Stevens said. 

Hours after police took Lockard into custody, authorities were still on the scene, leaving many neighbors wondering how and why this happened.

"It's becoming violent real bad," Moreno said. 

McDaniel tells us she knew Flippin for the past 40 years.

"When he'd bring cabbage or onions or stuff like that, he'd always bring us some. We were good neighbors," McDaniel said. 

She also knew Lockard since he was a child.

"I saw him yesterday. He walked and stood out there by his truck and said ‘Hi Perlean', and I said hi Johnny," McDaniel said. 

She says she never thought anything like this would happen. Now, McDaniel and the rest of the neighborhood are left with questions that may never be answered.

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