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HealthWise at 5 From 5.24

  • Hip Arthroscopy

For years, Arthroscopic surgery has been used for treating knee and shoulder problems. Now, doctors are using the same technique to help people with hip pain. A tiny camera inserted through a small incision gives surgeons a bird's eye view of the problem. Then they use specially designed instruments to clean out any torn cartilage or foreign objects and reduce inflammation. Patients who've had the procedure say they're surprised by the quick recovery time. If you suffer from hip pain, ask to your doctor about Arthroscopy to see if it's right for you.

  • Hidden Melanomas

Melanoma tends to be thicker and more advanced when found on hidden areas of the body. That's the word of Spanish who studied more than 800 Melanoma patients. They say skin cancer can lurk on the scalp, genitals, the back of the neck, shoulders, and even the bottom of your feet. The skin cancer foundation suggests you do monthly head to toe self exams. Should you find anything suspicious, contact your doctor immediately.

  • Great Grapes

Next time you go to the grocery store, you might want to grab some grapes. Earlier studies have shown that some compounds found in grapes may help lower blood sugar and prevent Diabetes, now it turns out that grapes may also pack a powerful punch against cancer. Studies by the Department of Agriculture show that Pterostilbene, the same compound that protects grapes from fungus also protects cells from cancer and other diseases.

The study says dark skinned grapes contain the most Pterostilbene. But scientists are hoping the research could lead to the development of grapes packed with more disease fighting chemicals so that someday, a bunch of grapes may help prevent a bunch of health problems.

The study was conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and will appear in the June issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

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