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Lubbock Centennial Spokesperson Hails Opening Ceremonies A Success

Lubbock's Centennial spokesperson, Mac Davis, says the opening ceremonies were a success.

The event drew nearly 7,000 people to the City Bank Coliseum Sunday night. Performances featured a long list of dancers, athletes and Lubbock legends such as Joe Ely, David Gaschen and Mac Davis.

Monday NewsChannel 11 caught up with Davis for his thoughts on the kick-off for Lubbock year-long birthday celebration.

"I had a great time and I was very nervous that my voice was not going to make it because I had rehearsed all day and the day before," Davis said.

Those hours of rehearsal seemed to pay off, as the nearly 7,000 in the crowd heard Davis' excitement about Lubbock's Centennial Celebration loud and clear.

"This is a great honor to kick-off for a year-long celebration of Lubbock's existence," Davis said on Sunday night.

Organizers say the Centennial Opening Ceremonies were the largest event the City Bank Coliseum has ever hosted.

"You can worry about them, fret about them, and fret about them but when it comes down to the wire everybody act professionally and everything works," Davis said.

An elaborate light show helped bring to life three stages worth of entertainment from the Lubbock Youth Symphony Orchestra, to the Cactus Theater's very own do-wop group.

Then as if it were perfectly written in the script, Davis introduced a musical tribute to the man he says was his inspiration.

"Buddy Holly came driving down the street, and I guess it was the first time he had been back to town in a long time, and had a bunch of pretty girls in the car with him and I said if he can do that I can do that," Davis explained.

Between all the toe tapping, a slide show narrated by Barry Corbin took show goers on a journey through Lubbock's history, spanning almost 100 years.

A celebration of the Hub City's past and present and it is only the beginning.

"If it's as much fun as last night, then it's just going to be a piece of cake," Davis added.

Davis says he will be back for July 4th celebrations. However, you do not have to wait until then to take part in Centennial events. Something is scheduled nearly every week during the year. Click here to find out more about the year-long celebration.

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