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"Bodies Revealed" Exhibit Sparks Controversy & Interest

An exhibit called "Bodies Revealed" opens Friday in Kansas City, Misouri. The medical director of the exhibit began unwrapping the plastic covered bodies Monday. The body parts may look fake but officials say that they are real, and were donated by people who knowingly gave their bodies to science.

And the exhibit is sparking some controversy before it even opens.

Kansas City Bishop, Rev. Robert William Finn, D.D. said, "Where is the respect for people who once lived? Sure, it's just tissue now... But they were a person... At one point they lived, loved, cried and laughed... Now it's on display plasticized in the name of education." 

But, Dr. Roy Glover the Medical Director for "Bodies Revealed" says that, "It's a way for people to learn about themselves  ... better caretakers of the body  ... I don't think there's a religion out there that doesn't teach that."

Exhibitors say that they show real people with real problems and that it makes real impressions.  For example, a smoker's lung can be compared to a healthy, non-smoker's lung.

Ticket sales certainly haven't been hurt by the controversy. Sixteen thousand people have already reserved their spots for "Bodies Revealed" and almost half of those are for school children and field trips.

Several Catholic schools had already booked field trips but now have to cancel after a letter from local Catholic officials called the display of humans "inappropriate".

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