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Many Americans Affected by Internet Addiction

Internet addiction is described as a compulsive behavior that completely dominates a person's life.  It can threaten your job, your studies and relationships, and The Center for Internet Addiction estimates that 5 - 10% percent of the population is addicted to the web.

Psychologist, Dr. Robert Reiner says, "There's something about the medium we don't fully understand that attracts people and keeps them on there. We have people eight, nine hours a day. We have people flunk out of college."

Dr. Reiner says he sees a new patient every week who is addicted to blogging, e-mailing, playing games on the internet, or, occasionally, stalking. He says that therapists treat internet addiction by focusing on moderation. 

But, he says, the first step is the hardest, and is just like any other addiction- the person has to realize they're hooked on the internet and that they need help.

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