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Consider This... Voter Turnout is Encouraging

A couple of observations after a historic Primary in Lubbock and Texas.

It's was great to see the participation. Almost 50,000 Lubbock County voters showed up to cast their ballot.

But believe it or not, that number still only represents about 30% of those who are registered to vote. However, it is still encouraging to see the numbers quadruple from the last presidential election, but with that kind of interest comes frustrated folks who had to wait in line.

So let me say I hope the elections office is working hard to get more volunteers for November, which is also likely to draw big numbers. Because the last thing we want is for people to be discouraged from voting because we didn't have enough help to keep the lines moving.

Consider this, if you are in the 70% of those that didn't vote, you still have a chance to choose. The only thing more important to this process than choosing a nominee is choosing a president.

So join me and start now to get educated on the issues and the candidates. Find the one that fits you, go to the polls, and be a part of history this November.

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