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Callie Long Sentenced to Probation

Lubbock realtor Callie Long will not face jail time.  A Lubbock jury, instead, sentenced long to five years probation for failure to stop and render aid in the 2003 death of Brett Walrath.

Long was convicted of intoxication manslaughter in 2005 for Walrath's death, but an Amarillo court overturned that conviction saying Long did not get a fair trial. 

On Wednesday, a Lubbock jury determined Long was guilty of failure to stop and render aid the night she hit bicyclist Walrath in her Lexus sedan. The jury could have sentenced Long to up to five years in prison, but after two hours of deliberating chose to give her probation.

If long violates the terms of her probation, she will serve up to six months in the Lubbock County Jail.

Long's defense attorney, Dan Hurley says they are pleased with the jury's decision.

"I'm very relieved. There is no great outcome from this trial. This is a terrible tragedy that destroyed two families for the rest of their life, and now talking to one of the jurors he indicated it would be a part of their lives from now on," Hurley said. 

After the jury announced their decision, Walrath's widow told Long that she does not hate her and as a Christian, she forgives Long for what happened that night.  

Long's attorney predicts prosecutor Rod Hobson will pursue other charges against her.

"I think you all saw the tenacity, and Mr. Hobson I'm sure will try to try her on the intoxicated manslaughter. I'm hoping this verdict and these twelve citizens and the result of what they've done will persuade him maybe we should try and end all this," Hurley said. 

The terms of Long's probation will be determined at a sentencing hearing next Tuesday.

Dan Hurley says Long hopes to move to the Austin area where her daughter lives. For Your Cell Phone
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