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Government Admits Link Between Vaccines & Autism

In a landmark decision, government officials have ruled that childhood vaccines exacerbated a rare disorder in a nine-year-old girl and triggered the symptoms of autism. The United States Government insists that the data does not show a direct link between vaccines and autism. But the parents of Hannah Poling, the child in this case, say they are pleased at the ruling- but not for the reason you may think. 

Hannah's mother, Terry, says, "It is gratifying to finally have a court agree her injury was caused by vaccination." And the father, Jon Poling, adds, "We are absolutely pro-vaccine.  What we want is pro-safe vaccine."

This is the first time the government has admitted the possibility of a link between vaccines and autism. But again, officials maintain that the data does not prove a direct link. The vaccines only contributed to a pre-existing condition. Hannah had a mitochondria disorder, which developed into a type of autism after vaccination.

Meanwhile, with 5,000 other cases similar to the Poling case currently in the U.S. Justice System, it will be up to the courts to decide how many other cases are truly like Hannah's.

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