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Lubbock County Prepares For Runoff Election

Chris Winn Chris Winn
Bill Franklin Bill Franklin

Preparations are underway in Lubbock County for a Primary Runoff Election in April.

Locally, Chris Winn and Bill Franklin will face off for Lubbock County Republican Party Chairman. Statewide, Dale Henry and Mark Thompson are in the Democratic runoff for Railroad Commissioner.

So why should Lubbock County voters pay for an election of a position that is not a political or government office? Well, across the State of Texas, every county elects a local chairperson for the Democratic and Republican parties. That chairperson is then charged with running the primary election in their county.

At the end of this month, candidates will once again ask for your vote. That's because no one won the majority in the race for Lubbock County Republican Party Chairman.

"It doesn't cost any more to host one run off than it cost to hold five run offs. On the same election day, in the same county, because the equipment is already being used and the election works have to be in place," John Steinmetz Lubbock County Republican Party Chair.

In Lubbock County's case, Republican and Democratic parties contract with the Lubbock County Office of Elections to run the primary and runoff election if needed.

"In the case of having a Democratic runoff and a Republican runoff they'll come 50/50 and they'll split the cost of this race," Steinmetz said.

"I understand that taxpayers are going to pay for this runoff. At the same time we really don't have another system in place to decide who is going to be the clear cut winner," Bill Franklin, candidate for Lubbock County Republican Party Chair.

This election allows Lubbock County republicans to decide whom they want to help run the next primary election.

"The state law governs elections in the state of Texas and we did not get a majority in the Lubbock County Republican race. Therefore we have to have a runoff election to determine who the winner is. We have to have a runoff," Chris Winn, candidate for Lubbock County Republican Party Chair said.

The general election is different from the primary. That election is overseen by the state and carried out by the Lubbock County Office of Elections.

Early voting for the runoff election begins March 31 through April 4 and Election Day is April 8.

If you did not vote in the primary, you can still vote in the runoff. If you still need to register to vote, you have until Monday to do so.

Texas Voter Registration Application
Click here to download the Texas Voter Registration Application from the Secretary of State website. (You will need Adobe Acrobat to open this file)

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