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Animal Attack Kills Five Goats in Lubbock County

It's what happens when you live in the country - that's what the owner of five dead goats says after the animals were attacked by a large dog Wednesday night.

The owner believes it was the same animal that killed his neighbor's three show pigs last week.  The pigs were found dead in their pens near 118th Street and Avenue P. Now, the goat's owner says anyone in the county with small animals should be on the lookout for the dog.

This latest attack happened Wednesday night around 11:00 p.m., exactly one week after the pigs were killed. The goat's owner says it just part of country living.

"I'll just have to buy some more goats to eat the weeds," owner Euclid Maze said. 

Maze had five goats.

"Usually, when I come in the goats are ready to eat.  They start coming to the fence, wanting me to feed 'em, and I didn't see any goats," Maze said. 

Now, he has none after a dog attack late Wednesday night.

"I went to the house and got my gun and I came back out here. And as I went to that fence over there a big dog, a brown and white dog, jumped over that gate around there in the back, and my goats were laying dead out there in that grass over there," Maze said. 

Maze then tried to find the dog.

"I took my gun and went back to the house and got on my four-wheeler and started looking for him," Maze said. 

His search found nothing, and because of that, Maze has a warning for any county residents with small animals.

"Anybody that has small animals needs to be on the lookout for stray dogs, because that dog's going to find some more small animals," Maze said. 

Maze was in good spirits when NewsChannel 11 spoke with him Wednesday night, but we was quite serious when he urged county residents to be cautious about stray dogs.

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