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May's Recall Round-Up

Baby Items

Car Seats: Dorel Juvenile Group Inc., is voluntarily recalling about 26,000 Safety 1st and Beatrix Potter "Designer 22" infant car seats/carriers. When the seat is used as a carrier, the plastic handle can unexpectedly release from the carrying position. When this happens, an unrestrained infant can fall to the ground and suffer injuries.

The recalled car seats/carriers were sold under the Safety 1st and Beatrix Potter "Designer 22" brand names and were manufactured by Dorel Juvenile Group in the U.S. The seats were manufactured between January 3, 2002 and February 13, 2002. Only model numbers and color codes 02-621-SAL, 02-620-AZY and 02-620-BEA are included in this recall.

The model number and manufacture date are located on the instruction and warning label on the side of the car seat/carrier. Mass merchandise and department stores nationwide sold the "Designer 22" infant car seats/carriers from January 2002 through April 2002 for between $40 and $70.

Consumers can continue to use the "Designer 22" as a car seat but should stop using it as a carrier immediately and contact Dorel Juvenile Group to receive a repair kit. You can call the company at 1-800-536-1090 .

Cribs: Vermont Precision Woodworks, is voluntarily recalling about 990 cribs. The slats on the cribs can loosen and detach from the drop side rail, creating a large opening between the slats where a child's head or neck could become entrapped, resulting in serious injury or death.

The recalled cribs include models, 7010Alpine, 7020 Caspian, 7030 Coventry, 7040 Dunmore and 7070 Haystack. The full-size cribs are solid maple and are available in five finishes; Natural, Colonial, White, Cherry, and Cinnamon. Juvenile product and furniture stores sold the cribs nationwide from January 2000 through March 2002 for between $500 and $800.

Consumers should immediately stop using these recalled cribs and contact ( Vermont Precision Woodworks) for a repair.

Strollers: Kolcraft Enterprises, Inc. is voluntarily recalling about 17,000 toy steering wheel attachments sold on strollers. The steering wheel can break away from its base, allowing the small plastic turn signal and horn pieces to come off, posing a choking hazard to young children.

The toy steering wheel was sold on Kolcraft's Jeepr Cherokee stroller model number 55120. The model number and "MADE IN CHINA" can be found on a sticker located on one of the rear legs of the stroller. "Jeep" is written with yellow, raised lettering on the front of the steering wheel base.

These toys and strollers were manufactured from January 2001 through February 2001. The manufacture date is listed below the model number on the rear leg sticker. Strollers manufactured after February 2001, with toy steering wheels, are not included in this recall. Mass merchandise and juvenile products stores nationwide sold these strollers from January 2001 through May 2002 for between $80 and $90.

Consumers should remove the toy steering wheel on these strollers and contact Kolcraft at 1-800-4 53-7673 to receive a free replacement toy steering wheel.

Pool Float: Aqua-Leisure Industries Inc. reminds consumers of a voluntary recall of about 90,000 "SunSmart" baby floats announced in November 2001. The leg holes in the seat of the float can tear, causing children to unexpectedly fall into the water and possibly drown.

Baby floats purchased after September 2001 are not involved in this recall. The recalled floats are packaged as "SunSmart" Baby Adjustable Sunshade Boats. The baby floats are blue and white circular tubes with a seat in the middle, and a detachable protective sunshade.

The vinyl floats, intended for ages 6 months to 18 months, have pictures of purple crabs and various colored fish along the top. The word, "SunSmart" is printed across the front of the float. The recalled boats can be identified by the lettering "C/S" molded on the valve. Only floats with the "C/S" lettering are involved in the recall, subsequent floats have been corrected.Juvenile products, specialty and discount department stores nationwide, including Target, K-Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond and Baby Central, sold the baby floats from August 2000 through September 2001 for between $10 and $13.

Consumers should stop using these recalled floats immediately and contact ( Aqua-Leisure ) for a free replacement. The company can be reached at (866) 807 -3998.


Power Adapters: Philips Electronics, is voluntarily recalling about 93,000 speaker power adapters sold with Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) Business Desktop Computers. The speaker power adapter's power cord connector is not grounded, posing a potential shock hazard to consumers.

The speaker power adapters were included in HP's P1534A External Amplified Speaker sets. There is a label on the bottom of the speakers with the model number "P1534-60001." The package includes a black rectangular power adapter, which is about 3-inches high, 2-inches wide and 2-inches long. The adapter has two permanently attached power cords: one that connects to the light or dark gray speakers and a "T-junction" plug that connects to the computer. The speaker power adapter has "Model D12-1-A-950" and "Made in China" printed on a white label on the power adapter. The adapters were sold between October 2000 and April 2002 for about $34.

Consumers should unplug the T-junction plug immediately and stop using the speakers. Consumers should contact ( Philips Electronics ) at (800) 870- 7193 for a free replacement speaker power adapter.

Cords: E-filliate Inc. has recalled about 12,000 extension cords. The cords have reversed polarity, which can present electric shock and electrocution hazards to consumers.

The recalled Ziotek brand extension cords are black and about one to two feet long. The letters "MSL" are imprinted on the cord's three- pronged plug. The single-receptacle cords have the website,, printed on the cord; while the double-receptacle cords have the name "ZIO TEK" printed on the splitter. "Cyberguys" catalogs and the "Cyberguys" website sold the extension cords nationwide from January 2002 through March 2002 for between $2 and $3.

Consumers should unplug the cords immediately and call E-filliate at 1-800- 327-6703 to receive a prepaid shipping label to return the cord and to select a free replacement or a full refund. Consumers who return the recalled product will also receive a 10% discount on a ( Cyberguys) product.


Total Gym: Fitness Quest Inc., is voluntarily recalling about 310,000 Total Gym exercise machines. The handles on these exercise machines can detach during use and the cable attached to the handles can break, resulting in injury to the user.

The recall involves the Total Gymr 1000 and the Total Gymr Pro model exercisers with serial numbers DK000001 through DK129350, models with the serial number prefixes XO or SM, and models without serial numbers. The serial number is located on the underside of the machine's glide board. Sporting good stores, web sites, catalogs, and direct sales sold this exercise machine nationwide from June 1997 through October 2001 for between $180 and $200.

Consumers should stop using these exercisers immediately and contact ( Fitness Quest ) at 1-800- 321-9236 to order a free repair kit.

Inhalers: 3M Pharmaceuticals is recalling its "Maxair Press and Breathe" inhalers and swapping them out at no charge with the "Maxair Autohaler", which is breath-activated and has no buttons. Patients need to talk to their doctor first to get a prescription to swap for the free inhaler.

For more info, call 1-800-390-1132 for questions and lot numbers, you can call 1-800-390-1132. "Maxair Press and Breathe" inhalers being recalled carry the following lot numbers:

  • 000644
  • 000756
  • 000947
  • 001009
  • 001110
  • 001111
  • 010025
  • 010195
  • 010283
  • 010413
  • 010414
  • 010482
  • 010580
  • 010708
  • 010709
  • 011210


Cantaloupe: I. Kunik Company has recalled its Susie brand cantaloupes because of their association with outbreaks of foodborne illness throughout the United States and Canada. The outbreaks of Salmonella Poona that have infected dozens of people throughout parts of the United States and Canada are linked to the Susie brand of cantaloupe which is imported from Mexico and distributed in the United States and Canada.

Salmonella Poona is an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Healthy persons infected with Salmonella poona often experience fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. In rare circumstances, infection can result in the organism getting into the bloodstream and producing more severe illnesses such as arterial infections (i.e., infected aneurysms), endocarditis and arthritis.

The cantaloupe was sold in retail stores and restaurants and possibly used in other institutions. Fresh cantaloupe has a shelf life of 7-10 days.

VehiclesGeneral Motors: GM is recalling the Trailblazer, Envoy, and Bravada because a fuel filter fitting can become disconnected. If this were to occue while starting the engine, a no-start condition would result and fuel would be pumped out of the fuel filter onto the ground. GM will notify all affected owners of the recall.


Planes: Spin Master Toys, is voluntarily recalling about 137,000 Firestormer and Skyblazer toy planes. The plastic air intake chamber of the air-powered toy planes can burst, throwing plastic pieces, posing a laceration, bruise and abrasion hazard to consumers.

The recalled Firestormer plane is either red or blue in color with a flame graphic across the body and "Firestormer" printed on the wings of the plane. The Skyblazer plane is purple, green and white in color and has "Skyblazer" printed on the wings of the plane. These toys use a hand pump mechanism to compress air to make the plane fly. Both planes are recommended for children 8-years-old and over. The planes have an 8-digit date code on the bottom of the pump. The date code reads MM/DD/YY-KS. Only planes with date codes 12/29/01-KS through 03/24/02-KS are included in the recall.

"Made In China" is written on the bottom of the pump below the date code. Planes manufactured before December 29, 2001 and after March 24, 2002 are not included in this recall.Hobby shops and department stores nationwide, including Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Target and K-mart sold these planes between January 2002 and May 20, 2002 for about $20.

Consumers should stop using the planes immediately and contact ( Spin Master Toys ) at 1-800-622-8339.

Cotton Candy Machine: Rose Art Industries Inc. is voluntarily recalling about 188,000 cotton candy machines. The motors on the cotton candy machines can jam and overheat, posing a fire hazard. Additionally, the heating unit can be activated without the spinner in place, presenting a risk of burn to consumers.

The recalled cotton candy machines have either a blue or a purple base and a clear plastic cover. The words "The Real Cotton Candy Machine" are printed in a rainbow of colors on the base of the machine and on the packaging. Toy and discount stores sold these cotton candy machines nationwide from September 2001 through April 2002 for about $27.

Consumers should stop using these cotton candy machines immediately and contact ( Rose Art) at 1-888-262-4474 anytime for a free replacement motor unit, and free samples of flavored sugar to make cotton candy.


Automotive Charger: Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. is voluntarily recalling about 18,000 Power Plus automotive chargers that plug into automotive cigarette lighters. The automotive chargers are often used on job sites to charge power tool batteries. When used under low voltage conditions, the chargers can overheat. This poses a fire hazard.

The recall includes Power Plus automotive chargers and Impact wrench kits containing these chargers. A label on the front of the charger reads, "Milwaukee...POWER-PLUS 9.6 Volt - 18 Volt AUTOMOTIVE CHARGERS." A nameplate on the back of the charger lists the catalog number. Impact wrench kits containing these chargers have serial numbers within the range listed below. The serial number is located on the side of the Impact wrench kit.

Catalog Numbers Serial Numbers

Charger 48-59-0184 All Serial Range

Wrench Kit 9079-23 241A401520001 through 241A402080126

Home centers, hardware stores and industrial distributors sold these chargers and wrench kits containing these chargers nationwide from March 2000 through April 2002. The chargers sold for about $115. The Impact wrench kits containing these chargers sold for about $325.

Consumers should stop using the chargers immediately and return them to their nearest Milwaukee factory service center or authorized power tool service center. Consumers can choose from three options, an exchange for a 12, 14.4 or 18 volt battery pack, a replacement charger or a refund. For further details about options, consumers can contact ( Milwaukee Electric Tool) at 1-800-414-6527.

Hammer Drill: Ryobi Technologies, Inc. is voluntarily recalling about 6,000 RYOBI brand hammer drills. The on-off trigger can stick, or the lock-on button can jam, posing a risk of physical injury to consumers.

Only RYOBI brand hammer drills with model number HD501 are included in the recall. Model number HD501K may appear on the packaging of this product. "RYOBI" and the model number appear on the side of the drill. The drills have blue plastic housings, black triggers with yellow lock-on buttons, and yellow/orange gear-shift dials on the side. The drills are equipped with an accessory front-end handle that includes a depth gauge, and were sold in a gray plastic case. Home improvement retailers sold the hammer drills nationwide from late December 2001 through January 2002 for about $50.

Consumers should stop using the hammer drills immediately and return them to the place where purchased to receive a full refund. For additional information, contact ( RTI) at 1-800-867-9624.

For more information on any of these recalls, visit the Consumer Product Safety's Commission website by ( clicking here ).

For NewsChannel 11's Consumer Connection, I'm Sharon Maines.

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