Hospice of Lubbock: Beans and Cornbread Luncheon a Success!

About 1,800 area residents feasted on beans and cornbread Friday and it was all for a good cause.

Mayors from across the South Plains tied on their aprons to serve up beans and cornbread at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center. They also enjoyed live entertainment from the Cactus Cuties.

All proceeds will benefit Hospice of Lubbock.

"There are people who are at the end of their life who are needing help and support," said Michael Hardin, chair of the Hospice Foundation. "Hospice of Lubbock will serve them and we're able to serve them because of the wonderful support that we get from our community."

As of Friday afternoon, Hospice of Lubbock was still totalling up the fundraising efforts of the luncheon. More than $4,000 was raised in the "Tip the Waiter Contest." That's four times better than last year.

The leftover beans and cornbread went to Meals on Wheels.

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