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The Rising Cost of a New Animal Shelter

The price of a new Lubbock Animal Shelter appears to be on the rise. Architects presented the Lubbock Animal Shelter Advisory Committee with two plans this week. On Friday, NewsChannel 11 looked into why the cost is creeping up.

Nearly a week and a half ago Lubbock Animal Services Director Kevin Overstreet told NewsChannel 11 efforts for the long-awaited new animal shelter were underway.

"It is moving, it's behind the scenes and there are a lot of things happening," Overstreet said.

This week, architects met with the Lubbock Animal Shelter Advisory Committee.

"They presented mainly two plans.  One a $5.5 million facility and another set of guidelines for $3.5 million facility," Lubbock Health Services Director Tommy Camden said.

Camden was one of the members on the committee presented with both plans this week. He says the higher price tag provides better disease control and long-term durability.

"Between the air handling, the resin materials, the higher grade ceramics type tiles that are easier to disinfect - that's a lot of what drives the cost up," Camden explained.

If approved, the new facility would be just off the Marsha Sharp Freeway and Milwaukee in McAlister Park. Camden says the board would like to double the capacity of the new shelter, compared to the old one.  Some say that could mean fewer animals being put down.

"What we can do is go from a high kill facility to a lower kill facility in having the right capacity that will allow us to do it," Lubbock City Councilmember Todd Klein said.

But, what about the $1.3 million bond voters approved for renovation of the current shelter in 2004?

"We nullified that amount and re-allocated a new amount," Klein explained.

The new amount is $3.5 million. Bonds approved by council without voter approval and that price could now increase.

"The question is now how much farther do you we really need to go. We're probably looking at $5.7 million for the bottom line," Klein added.

We are told the city council has been briefed on both plans.

The public is welcome to attend the next Animal Shelter Advisory Committee Meeting. It is on March 25 at the Lubbock Health Department and starts at 12:30 p.m.

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