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Alcohol Sales A Go In Plainview

"Well it's about time they did get liquor because people are going to drink," said Quinn Coleman. If you walk pass the deli at United in Plainview you'll see a section under construction. There you'll find something some residents never thought they'd see.

NewsChannel 11 asked, "Did you ever think in the time that you've lived here that you'd be able to buy wine at a grocery store?" one Plainview resident said.  "No not really,"

And Saturday, despite the close election that gave Plainview alcohol sales, beer and wine were flying off the shelves while distributors were trying hard to keep up.

"Well we bought a bottle of wine," said Quinn Coleman and his friend Lorraine. Who went to United to partake in the new convenience. "It's a great thing and the prices are good, Prices are very good here," said Lorraine.

Right now two United Stores in Plainview are selling alcohol along with two convenience stores and one night club. And other shoppers at the United Saturday agree with Quinn and Lorraine.

"I think it's going to bring the city more money to help us build new things around here, Strengthen the community," said Rene Borrego. "We already got liquor stores going up and you're going to get a lot more business here from the surrounding communities," added Charles Preuit.

Another reason people here in Plainview say they're pleased with packaged alcohol sales is the safety factor. Now they don't have to travel as far to get alcohol. And the six businesses currently selling alcohol won't be alone much longer. Over the next month, The TABC expects another 15 establishments in Plainview to begin selling alcohol.

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