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The Race For Mayor Is On

It's official, there will be a Lubbock Mayoral re-match between incumbent David Miller and challenger Tom Martin. You'll recall the same two men ran against each other just two years ago for the same seat. When these two men ran against each other two years ago, it was the most expensive mayoral race in Lubbock's history. Between the two they spent roughly $300,000. And from now until May 10th, Election Day, both sides say they'll be spending and doing whatever it takes to win.

"Our goal is to at least raise as much as we had last year and probably more," "We'll leave it to the voters to make a determination whose records in office have been more productive to get things done for all the citizens of Lubbock,"  Martin said.

It's just 9 weeks to go until the May 10th elections."We're going to raise what it's going to take to win the race and I'm not going to speculate on what that dollar amount is at this point," said Miller.

Remember Tom Martin does have a voting record on council as well. He served as Mayor Pro-Tem and The District 5 Councilman for four years until he lost in the mayoral election two years ago. And as for Mayor David Miller and his record, he says he's not worried.

"You know, there's plus' and minus'... We've won a lot of people over in the last two years that just didn't know who we were before. They may have known us in the business world but they didn't know us in the political world or they didn't know us at all," Miller said.

After nearly two years in office, Miller says there's no way to please all of the people all of the time. But he says his record is clear. And he'll use that record as the base of his strategies to win.

"It doesn't really matter to us what the other side does. We have our strategy. It's been well put together but a team of people who are a lot smarter than I am and have been very supportive and we'll roll that strategy out, week by week leading up to May the 10th," Miller said.

But Tom Martin believes it's each man's record that will win him the election."My opponent has a record for the last two years and the public will have an opportunity to examine that record which will help them make up their minds as to which candidate they're going to support," said Martin.

Only time will tell who will win this race for mayor. "If another candidate were to make attacks we would certainly respond but that's not our intention to do that and we didn't do that the last time either," said Martin.

"I do expect our citizens to make an informed decisions between my opponent and me and in order to do that we will contrast... Very specifically but most importantly very truthfully what the facts are," added Miller.

I asked each candidate what their campaign platform is. Tom Martin listed several things from Lubbock's water supply to Citibus and city infrastructure. While David Miller said as part of that strategy he'll be unveiling his plans for Lubbock future soon. But after talking to both men, it seems the weeks leading up to the election will be anything but boring.

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